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Nontraditional College Success

Arnold Morales

This Podcast will motivate and empower nontraditional students to get more out of their college experience. You will learn how to land your dream job with a top company, enjoy the college experience, become a leader, make an impact in your community, make lifelong friends and graduate with less debt. Internships, Scholarships, FAFSA, student aid, awards, and full time job offers here we come.This podcast is for College students that are first generation, in Community college, Low income, Independent, Women in STEM, minorities such as Hispanic, African American, Asian American and others; GED Graduates, Students that Work full time, attend school part time, Undocumented, DACA, delayed enrollment, older student, second career, military, and International students. You are not alone we are in this together.
1.9 GPA, Non-target College, & 150+ Rejections to Adobe! with Leander Howard II. Ep.43April 21, 2021 Episode artwork Overcoming Obstacles as 1st Generation/Minority Students & 5 Steps to Land the Job! with Daniel Botero. Ep. 42April 14, 2021 Episode artwork From Farmworker to Astronaut! With Jose M. Hernandez. Ep. 41March 31, 2021 Episode artwork How to Land the Job and Negotiate Your Salary (Tesla, Netflix, Google, & Wish)! with June Caloroso. Ep. 40February 17, 2021 Episode artwork From Community College and McDonald's to NASA & Boeing! with Jessica Flores. Ep.39February 10, 2021 Episode artwork 6' 2'' Black Male at PWI, Study Abroad in China, & Corporate America! with Alex Berry Ep. 38February 03, 2021 Episode artwork I Received 9 Offers at the Virtual Career Fairs! with Bolivar Morales. Ep. 37January 27, 2021 Episode artwork A 2nd Career in Engineering! Women in STEM! with Mel Butcher. Ep. 36January 20, 2021 Episode artwork Non-English Speaker at 17 to Google, Deloitte, & J.P. Morgan Chase! with Stephanie Nuesi (Max Up) Ep 35January 13, 2021 Episode artwork Free Advice From An Engineering Life Coach! with Gina Covarrubias. Ep. 34January 06, 2021 Episode artwork Furloughed during COVID-19,Now I have a dream job at Intel! with Yazmin Montoya Ep.33December 29, 2020 Episode artwork From Raising Pigs in Mexico to a NASA Ph.D! with Margaret Dominguez. Ep.32December 18, 2020 Episode artwork Financial Advice and Budgeting for Students and Early Career Professionals! with Lucas Casarez Ep. 31December 16, 2020 Episode artwork Virtual Career Fairs Q/A for International Students! with returning guests Julia and Ash. Ep. 30December 09, 2020 Episode artwork How I Got a Cummins Internship at the Virtual Career Fairs-International Student! with Julia Cilleruelo Fernández del Moral. Ep. 29December 07, 2020 Episode artwork High Performance and Exceeding Expectations! with Jolandi Gevers. Ep. 28December 02, 2020 Episode artwork Crash Test Engineer! Women in STEM! with Becky Mueller. Ep. 27November 18, 2020 Episode artwork Mentoring 101! Best Practices and Where to Find a Mentor with Alejandro Botero. Ep. 26November 11, 2020 Episode artwork Aerospace vs Tech! & How to get into Tech! with Bihan Jiang. Ep. 25November 04, 2020 Episode artwork Elevator Pitch and Interviews! Ep. 24October 28, 2020 Episode artwork BONUS: Virtual Career Fairs Q/A Recording! with Stephen Lu. Ep.23October 25, 2020 Episode artwork How To Win at The Virtual Career Fair! +Overcoming Rejection. Ep 22October 21, 2020 Episode artwork Advice From a Fortune 30 CTO! with John Tracy. Ep. 21October 14, 2020 Episode artwork Rotation Programs- Why You Should Be in One, and Why You Should Avoid Them! with Stephen Lu. Ep. 20September 18, 2020 Episode artwork From 150+ Rejections to NASA Intern, Female Hispanic (Latina) Conquering Aerospace Engineering! with Janelisse Morales. Ep. 19September 09, 2020 Episode artwork